The judgement of
a view.

I have always been surprised by our ability to judge others based on first impressions.

I’m also surprised by the effort we put into making sure that your actions are aproved by the eyes of others. Although in reality it is a disguise we wear so no one knows who we really are.

We judge, but we don’t want to be judged.

Believe me, that is not my case.

From that moment,
I look at life in a
free and authentic way.

From that moment, I look at life in a free and authentic way.

There was a moment in my life when I met people free of prejudice who looked at me for who I am.

And I apply that same look to my work.

My look

That’s why my look goes beyond the image itself.
And so does my photography.

I capture the truth that lies behind that image and fix it forever in the gaze of others.

That is why my photography is irreverent and contradictory.

Free of inertia.

Free of prejudices.

Free of stereotypes.

what you will find

behind this look

What is “no beating around the bush”. A purely honest dialogue talking about your project or your approach, no band-aids, always aiming for the excellence of the result you want.

A refined technique that manages to create a boom in the head of your viewers through light, movement and the instant.

The important thing is to transmit the essence that all images have, that your project has.

The seeking of the immortalisation of the moment is the aim of this look. To realise the illusion that time is captured and remains eternally in an instant.

Isn’t that what you are aiming for?

From the beginning to the end, this look will be committed to your plan and will not turn off until the impact you are looking for is accomplished. Adding efforts and multiplying results for you.

what you won't find

behind this look

If you are not willing to take risks, to open your mind to other realities, to other ways of doing things, to think differently or to trust in the power of images…

This look is not for you.

The possibility of going to extremes, of breaking down the barriers of the conventional, of creating exaggerated images, playing between the real and the unreal and even the uncomfortable, but always creating an impact on the eyes that look.

If you are not willing to stretch the limits of photography, this is not the look you are looking for.

Don’t look for the copy of a successful concept. Here we create successful concepts, not just audiovisual content.

This look is made exclusively for those who have a real value proposition and want to communicate it no matter what.

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